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How to Grow Finger Limes

The Finger Lime (Citrus australasica) is an Australian native citrus that produces fruit with caviar-like pulp in bright colours. Flowers are produced in summer and autumn followed by the elongated [...]

How to Grow Camellias

There are hundreds of varieties of Camellias to add elegant style to your gardens and outdoor living spaces. These evergreen flowering shrubs produce beautiful blooms from early autumn through to [...]

How to Grow Cyclamen

Cyclamen are a favourite plant to bring brightness and life during the cooler months. They are generally available from autumn to early spring and will flower beautifully while temperatures remain [...]

What to do in the Garden this April

Autumn is a fantastic time in the garden. In temperate areas of the country, April gardens are a delight as the beautiful display of foliage colour begins. In northern [...]

What to do in the Garden this March

Welcome to March and the beginning of Autumn! It’s nature’s time for planting. As the soaking Autumn rains begin, the warmth of the baking summer sun is retained in the [...]

What to do in the Garden this February

Summer is a vibrant time in the kitchen garden with an abundant harvest of all the warm season fruits, vegetables and herbs. We are enjoying incredibly fresh, healthy, flavour [...]

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